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Make Your Own Beats For Free!

If you have the talent for creating music beats, you can make it in the music business fairly easily. Don’t worry if you lack the funds or hardware in the beginning. These do not have to be hindrances to your goals. No need to wait for a big fish in the industry to discover you, instead make yourself discovered. By simply using the internet to your advantage, you can make your own beats for free, tossing aside all that concern about needing expensive equipment or software. This is a cheap and fun way to make your dreams come true.

An artist or a musician can have different ways of expressing themselves. They can make music that is soft, loud or even noisy. Either way, it is a means of expressing themselves and communicating their talents and passions and feelings to the world. That’s what makes an artist unique and exceptional, the ability to differentiate his or herself. If this is your dream, you can do it too, from the convenience of your home. You can do it at your own pace in your own time, and you can make your beats for free.

Here are some tips to help you make your own beats for free. There is a lot of stuff out there and the tools and resources you choose will have a lot to do with your personal preferences. Your tastes in music will help dictate where you go and which software might be best suited to your needs. There are a lot of software programs with a lot of different features out there, but once you know what kind of music you want, looking for just the right software won’t take that much time.

You can begin to make your own beats for free by having a good sequencer followed by a reliable sound editor. This will be useful for editing samples and wave files. Of course, if you are not that musically inclined, you can get your samples from a number of other areas. Samples are that part of the audio track that you have extracted from your personal choice of music. You can get them from CD samples, old records, or any good sounding music will do.

Make Your Beats for Free:

1. Download the software you need from the internet. Online software for making music beats can be acquired in free downloads or trial versions and either can help you create a finished beat. Install them and be ready to begin.

2. Open the program and look through the files to choose the music that you want to modify and sample on. You can scan through your music; find each one until have your selection.

3. Click on it and zoom it in the toolbar, specifying the part of the music where you want to create the sample, from the beginning to the end. It shows as a highlight on the screen.

4. Press play for a preview and save the selection part to be used later

5. Back to the program, you can start adjusting the keys. Some applications are really user friendly and only need trial and error to suit your needs. Then go to file and click Add sampler and the sampler you have saved will be loaded to the program, ready to be edited.

6. You can start adding kicks, snares, Hi Hats, claps, loops or any addition - you can create your own preference. These keys are all found in the program and easy to find.

7. Make the final adjustment of your pitch, tempos, and applications you want and save them either as MP3 or any other compatible file type.

An exclusive beat that nobody else can use sets you apart from everyone else. An exclusive beat can make you a unique artist. Start to make your own beats for free and you never know – maybe it will hit the radio charts. Making beats is fun and easy and can be free to boot, so if that’s your passion, go for it!

make you comfortable headset

Noise-cancelling headphones lessen undesired background noise (i.e., acoustic sounds) by way of active noise control (ANC). This consists of using one or more microphones located near to the ear, and electronic circuitry which uses the microphone signal to generate an "antinoise" signal. Once the antinoise signal is produced by the speaker driver within the headset, destructive interference cancels the ambient sound as heard inside the enclosed volume of your headset.

Sound cancelling makes it possible to enjoy songs without raising the volume excessively. It may also help a person sleep inside a noisy vehicle like an airliner.

Retail noise-cancelling earphones commonly make use of ANC to eliminate the lower-frequency portions of the noise; they depend on more common methods for example soundproofing to prevent higher-frequency noises from reaching your ear canal. This strategy is actually most popular mainly because it reduces the need for intricate electronic circuits that are necessary for noise canceling at higher wavelengths, where active cancelling will be less efficient. To truly eliminate high frequency elements (returning in the ear canal from all directions), the sensor and emitter for the canceling waveform must be adjacent to the user's eardrum, which isn't technically attainable.


By the Nineteen fifties, devices were created to be able to cancel the sound inside helicopter as well as plane cockpits. Doctor. Amar Bose (founding father of the Bose Corporation) started work on his noise-cancelling headphones in the late seventies on an aeroplane. After almost 10 years of study, Bose would commercially market the first noise-cancelling earphones.

Noise-cancellation technology had also been produced to safeguard the hearing of aircraft pilots involved in the 1st non-stop around-the-world flight journey. Noise-cancelling in aircraft headphones is commonly available.

Now, most noise-cancelling headsets utilize analogue technology. This is actually in contrast to other kinds of active noise and vibration control in which digital processing is the typical method.

Many airlines supply noise-canceling headphones inside their business and 1st class cabins. Noise-cancelling is especially useful against aircraft engine noise. In these instances, the headsets are about the same size as standard earphones. The actual electronics, found in the airline handrest, take the noise coming from the microphone at the rear of the headphone, invert it, and then put it back into the music signal.


Noise-canceling earphones have a number of limitations (which differ from vendor to vendor):

They consume electrical power, often supplied by an Usb port or a battery that has to occasionally end up being replaced or recharged. Devoid of electric power the headphones operate just like a standard earphone or even will not function at all, nevertheless, some like the Solitude X, initially designed for military intelligence operations, use a "pass through" system allowing the headsets to continue to work normally, even if the power supply is spent.
They are very effective for noises that are continuous, for example the sound of your refrigerator and the noise inside an aircraft cockpit, but they are less efficient with talking and other rapidly changing sound signals.[citation needed]
They might introduce additional sound, usually in the form of high-frequency hiss.
The noise-cancelling circuits vital for them to work naturally decreases audio quality.
Earlier models were usually heavier compared to standard earphones. Nonetheless, more modern designs usually include the battery inside pre-existing space. Whilst that generally decreases the bulk, it doesn't lessen the added weight of noise-cancelling headphones compared to conventional earphones.

make your own beats

I own been producing beats for quite some time but I was shocked once I realized which the great deal of my moment as well my cash got wasted mercilessly (by me personally of course). I feature a friend who worked because an engineer (as well as immediately known producer) at the huge pro studio in Georgia. The location experienced a great deal of rooms within it reserved for different artists and producers who have been fundamentally at other stages in the careers.

They had everywhere from major recording labels which booked months at the time all the manner on down to beginners who were just starting the budding careers within the rough as well hard audio market. They would get the interns as well your own brand new engineers perform the recording for your own brand-new artists as well your own a great deal more seasoned veteran engineers using your own larger rooms utilizing your own superior significantly more expensive equipment to record the major record label's artists.

This worked nicely for them since they stayed booked upward as well as we actually had to reserve recording session's weeks within advance to bring within in that respect as a result of, of training course, we experienced huge called acts using the facility as well as which was all that seemed to matter to individuals. My friend used to get in his personal production equipment sometimes which he employed at property to create his beats as well one day because he was carrying all of his drum machines as well as equipment into the studio his colleague was working with a beginner group of teenage guys within 1 of your own small rooms. He said he was shocked by your own top quality of beats that he was hearing and they have been not utilizing any of the hardware to produce these beats.

Your own beats have been not even mixed however as well as in that respect he was listening to your own type of high quality performance which took him hrs to achieve as well as your own utilize of several other pieces of equipment to compare to. He said, as well as I quotation: "they could get taken which things straight to your own club which evening as well it would have sounded beneficial!" I trusted my friend not merely because he, at that point, had many years of experience however simply because he makes many damn good beats! Which group that he was talking about blew upwards in your own southeast as well as even experienced videos on T.V. and anything.

We each began producing our beats onrather inexpensive program from that period on as well as I couldn't thank him sufficient for cutting out even more years of headaches just to accomplish greater high quality on personal laptop program. We nonetheless blend our beats downward but they don't even require which a great deal mixing anymore either.

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rap music is very good at hearing

This is a style that stays aside all the other music trends. Not aside, but somewhat deeper. The reason is it is a reflection of the race, the plurality of people united by roots and origin. Rap is the culture of Afro-Americans, the continuation of their language and traditions. Rap is a mixture of speech and music, actually it is speech laid on music or beat it's better to say. And when we claim that people are united through music, meaning every single human being on this planet, rap unites the ones close to blood by music and then everybody else, either welcoming or being hostile to a newcomer. What attracts people in rap? Is it catchy? Maybe. Those non-natives to rap often state the flow of speech is too quick and it is difficult to differentiate the words. Sometimes it seems rap music is only for those from the cradle. Foreigners are not invited.

Rap is classified as urban poetry of lyrical resistance. Thus it is not the music for village like country music. It is the gathering power of those united by music in big cities. The aim is to resist the grieves because misfortunes are more dramatic and numerous in urban areas.

Rap does not only speak to the mind and emotions, but speaks to the society all around people, for people. If the words or courage to say those words are not there, the subconscious takes over and the Rap lyrics kick in.

But once captured by the beat, most people - mainly younger ones - begin to hear the words, and the words may describe just how they are feeling that day. If the boss came to work with an agenda to screw everyone, some people will "feel" the words and the beat, especially when enclosed in a car doing 70 on the freeway. It's something about riding with the music turned full-blast that has a way of absorbing the mind and supplying a means of temporal escape.

Some songs have innocent words that impress upon the mind to be released later at the water cooler. Some choruses are catchy and when sung by certain artist will stay within the subconscious long after. Various rappers have unique voices that some people find attractive or along the same vocal tone as their own voice, which it makes it easier to sing along.

First goes the beat, and then goes the lyrics! It is not as smooth and tender as classical music, not as glossy as pop, but it has the scream of pain of real emotion of the world's harshness. One may even state that rap is the most pain expressing music style. Those who sing it or it is better to say read it revive their feelings not only concerning love, as most of the other styles do. Their message is about life and the problems, especially the ones of the Afro-American people. The music of pain and oppression, rap is a remedy to the latter. Let all the pills be like that!

music for us

Everyone of us has music inside. And it is not an abstract statement, but scientifically proven fact. Molecules of DNA "sound" inside us and it is very important if music from outside is in keeping with music inside us.

Scientists pay great attention to researches concerning music's influence on human beings. Attention to such researches has increased recently and their results are interesting and convincing. For example, after listening classical music cows have increased their yield of milk and mimosa and petunias have grown faster and burst into bloom 2 weeks earlier. 120 breast-feed mothers took part in an experiment in Japan. Some women listened to classical music, other women listened pop and rock music. In first group the amount of milk increased in 20 per cent, and in second group - reduced twice.

Such researches are the attempt to synthesise science and art (music). But in ancient India science and art were considered to be the parts of single creative power. All knowledge of ancient India one can find in the Vedas (Holy Indian Scripture) and one of four main Vedas Sama-Veda is entirely dedicated to music. According to the Vedas the creating of the world started from the primordial sound "OM", which appeared while division of the Almighty (Sadashiva) and his creative energy (Adi Shakti). "OM" was the foundation of the universe and the first musical sound.

The human subtle system consists of 7 main chakras (energetic centres) and 3 channels, which rule mental, emotional and physical life activity of person. 7 chakras of our subtle body revolve with certain frequency and form an octave, which consists of 7 tones of proper altitude. Intervals between them should reflect intervals between chakras. These tones were called musical sounds - notes ('svars' in Indian music). They sound - sa, re, ga, ma, pa, da, ni and they are in keeping with chakras - from first till seventh. 5 notes can change (fall and rise), creating 5 additional sounds (left and right aspects of chakras). Thus, these notes are built-in subtle body and represent the ideal "repository" of information, the repository of those feelings, emotions, wishes and thoughts, which composer or performer has.

While listening to music a person receives some influence on a subtle level, which later appears on physical body. Same notes can bring destruction or good, it depends on the inner condition of person. For example, anger, aggression, drug intoxication and so on, which have power over the mind of composer or musician, will find the reflection in his music. There are some styles and forms in music which reflect only such bad qualities. Such music may do harm not only to the musician, but also the person who listens to it. Clear, inspired people, who have a lucid mind will never create such music. They created only folk music with great variety and classical music which has its roots in folk music.

Let's listen to music, which is in keeping with the music inside us.

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Sorting Out the Search engine marketing Adult males From the Boys

Das Internet hat in den letzten Jahren rasant das Leben verändert. Selbst kleine und nur lokal tätige Unternehmen können es sich nicht mehr gönnen, auf eine internetseite und einen Internteauftritt zu verzichten. Aber um World Wide Web ertragreich zu sein ist es unumgänglich, dass eine Webseite bei einer Recherche nach den gezielten Keywords, die ihre Tätigkeit beschreibt, möglichst weit, im Idealfall auf der ersten Seite der Suchmaschinen zu finden ist. Nur so erhält diese Seite Besucher, Besucher, die über gezielte Suchanfragen Internetseite erreichen, sind Besucher mit Interesse am Inhalt sowie an den Produkten der Seite.

SEO Berlin zeigt, {welche Maßnahmen|die Maßnahmen, welche nötig sind, damit eine Firma bei den lokalen Anfragen an erster Position zu finden ist. SEO Berlin ist viel mehr als ein Fachbetrieb für SEO. Dieses Unternehmen kennt den Berliner Markt sowie die "Berliner Schnauze" und kann dadruch Werbetexte verfassen, die Kunden zu einer Aktion veranlassen und somit Besucher zu Kunden macht.

SEO Berlin hat schon viele lokale Geschäfte auf die vorderste Position bei Google gebracht und wird auch in der Zukunft bestimmte noch eine Menge an den Platz bei Google bringen.

Das umfassende und professionelle Service von SEO Berlin führt für ein relativ kleines Budget Firmen in der Bundeshauptstadt an die Spitze des Suchmaschinenrankings und der Geschäftsfüherer, Norbert Weber kümmert sich persönlich um den Erfolg der Klienten. Sein Service reicht von der professionellen Optimierung des Webauftrittes für Google und Co bis zur Anpassung der Texte. SEO Berlin bedeutet für seine Klienten Mehr Kunden, mehr Umsatz sowie mehr Gewinn.

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Good Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes offer something that regular running shoes cannot. There are certain things to look for when you are buying tennis shoes.
There are many things to look for when you`re shopping for tennis shoes. And many shoe companies make it their business to offer the newest technology to consumers. Finding the right shoe might mean looking around to find the pair that fit you just right.

The first thing you might want to consider is what kind of tennis player you are. Are you new to the sport? Do you shuffle your feet hard along the pavement? Or are you an aggressive player who runs fast and stops hard. Think about how you play and what features you might need in a shoe.

Many tennis players find that a reinforced toe help to keep the shoes around longer. Because tennis is a sport that literally keeps you on your toes, you have to make sure that the pair you buy have a reinforced toe to assist with your game playing. Tennis shoes generally last about three months, but may not last that long if you wear out your toes and find holes peeking through.

Often players look for shoes with excellent treading. This is very important if you`re an aggressive player and do lots of hard running and stopping. If you do not have proper traction and your an aggressive player then you could find yourself taking a spill and hurting yourself or possibly running into another player, for example if you`re playing with a partner. This is also handy for wet weather conditions when you just have to play but the tennis court is still a bit damp or wet, if you don`t want to slip and fall then good traction is a great idea.

You will want a shoe that is breathable. If your feet are feeling sweaty, then your socks are going to get damp and start to feel heavy. And when you`re playing tennis having heavy feet are not going to help your game, it will actually slow you down and wear you out unnecessarily. And not only will you have wet, tired feet, but your feet will also start to smell and cause your tennis shoes to stink. Maintaining your tennis shoes so that they last a while might mean finding a pair with a breathable material.

Some shoes offer a special mid lade protection feature. This way your laces cannot come undone. Many times players have to stop and tie their shoes in the middle of a game; this is very true for aggressive players who are constantly pulling on their laces as they stop and go. Having a shoe that will not come loose means that players can play their game without any interruptions.

Tennis shoes are different from regular running shoes in the way they are designed. Most often made from the highest technology they feature resistant spots in high traffic areas. Extra tow support is found in tennis shoes as well as extra breathable material. The tennis shoe is specifically designed for the kind of stop and go play that happens during a tennis gameHealth Fitness Articles, no other shoe can stand up to the type of wear and tear that a tennis shoe can endure.

Tennis shoes can be purchased anywhere that shoes is sold. Many companies make them for both men and women and offer a variety of styles and colors to choose from.

Tennis lessons can offer an array of great learning opportunities

When an individual decides to take tennis lessons or to sign their child up, the experience can be a rich one indeed. There will be way more gained from the experience besides the mechanical how-to's. Learning this or any sport or skill will have a spill-down effect on many areas of life. Here are some of the best things about tennis lessons.

History of the game: It's educationally enriching to learn about the history of others throughout time that served balls with racquets over nets. This sport began in England during the mid to late 1800's. It was originally played on grassy areas rather than cement courts and was called "lawn tennis." There are usually two people playing although sometimes there are four. Two players would be considered a round of "singles" while four would be referred to as "doubles."

Identifying equipment: The basic equipment includes racquets, balls and a net. There is a range of sizes and quality for racquets to suit different preferences and body types. The balls are hollow and covered with felt. Some glow in the dark for night games. The net is set at a certain regulation height and width.

Learning rules: The rules and regulations of the sport have stayed fairly consistent over time. In order to play well and be a good partner, the rules must be learned and adhered to. This builds responsibility in a child as well as partnering skills.

Physical fitness: All over body fitness can be achieved by this sport. Running, swinging, whacking balls and jumping over the net to shake hands with one's partner after a match will create a toned physique.

Play well with others: Learning to play well with others is always a good lesson to absorb. Nothing will ensure a more successful life than the ability to get along well with others. This doesn't mean to be a doormat. It means to understand the concept that you're not the only person on the planet, to sense and observe what someone else is doing or needs and to take turns. It also teaches a person to take care of himself or herself, be assertive and play fair.

The fine art of observation: Observing the world around you is an art and a skill. Many people are so busy being self-absorbed or being enthralled in their electronic gadgetry, they miss opportunities to watch people and things all around them. To watch is to learn and understand. In tennis, observing one's opponent will be a way of discovering how to beat them. Watching for flaws in their style and technique will be a way of figuring out how to beat them.

Metaphor for love: In tennis, the word "love" refers to a score of zero. In terms of the world of metaphor, this could illustrate how most of us know absolutely nothing that is reality-based about love.

Tennis lessons can help a person or their child in a myriad of ways. Learning history, about equipment, rulesHealth Fitness Articles, how to get along with others and to be an observer plus toning up one's body will all be benefits.

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Tom Jones

There are few musical artists that have managed to stay in the mind of popular culture like Tom Jones. Some of this has to do with his timeless hits such as “She's a Lady”. Other reasons that Tom Jones has managed to be so popular is that he constantly reinvents his sound. Finally, there is no doubt that his frequent live performances in the US and of course his famous UK concerts have also helped maintain his profile in the public mind. It can be said that there are some artists who are better well known than Tom Jones, but very few can claim to be as popular and enduring as this singer.

Early Life

Tom Jones was born in South Wales and was challenged early in life by a case of tuberculosis. According to his own statement, his time fighting tuberculosis was the worst two years of his life and he was unable to do little but listen to music and draw. Tom Jones Married soon after high school to Melinda Trenchard and a month later his first child was born.

Early Career

Tom Jones began his performing career with a beat group called Tommy Scott and the Senators which became a well known local group. As he began to become more popular, Tom Jones recorded several early singles which led to him becoming well known not only in the UK, but also in the US where he enjoyed several top forty hits in both countries. After some initial success the young singers popularity began to decline and he switched his style to more of a country sound which revitalized his career.

The Las Vegas Years

In the late sixties Tom Jones became one of several stars to begin headlining in Las Vegas. His shows became known for their sexual tension and raw energy. During his time in Vegas, Tom Jones befriended Elvis Presley and the two became close friends. At this time Tom Jones decided that he preferred the more lucrative club acts to cutting new records and it would be quite some time before he released a new album.

Coming back

For a long time Tom Jones seemed destined to be a footnote in music history, however he enjoyed a rather sudden and strong resurgence in the late 80s and early nineties and has since remained at the forefront of the world wide music scene. While Tome Jones has not released an album in a while he still performs live very often and these UK concerts are well known for carrying the same energy as they did when he was a much younger man.

In the end, Tom Jones is sure to remain part of the music world for years to come and even when he dies there is little doubt many people will remember what he offered. His combination of crooning lyrics, sexually charged performances, and memorable tunes is sure to last for years and years to come.

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Burning And Stamping Compact Discs

There are two methods one could use to get production run copies of a Compact Disc - duplication and replication. From an end user perspective, there is virtually no difference between the two. Both methods are capable of creating high quality digital sound (or video, or programs, etc.) but to a computer, the products are different.
The Replication Process

The Elcaset - Combining Quality With Convenience

As long as we have had the ability to record music and sound, there has been a continuing drive to improve recording technology for the betterment our listening experience.
In 1935 AEG released the first reel to reel system that functioned using tape. Yea

Inside The Compact Disc

Everyone has seen a Compact Disc, heard music played from one, or used one to store files digitally. Not many people know how they work though. The CD is a modern marvel of science that is a true testament to the tenacity of the human spirit and ingenuity.
Creating a Compact Disc is also a more involved process than many people realize. The data is recorded onto the disc in microscopic increments which means that during production, even the smallest particles of dust will cause the recordings to be corrupted. The manufacturing process must be very accurate and precise because there is no room for error.
Turning Binary into Sound
The first challenge was developing the disc itself. Optical discs must be able to contain huge amounts of data because it takes around a million bits to playback one second of music. Fortunately, one million bits on a Compact Disc is about the size of the head of a pin. This made optical discs the ideal way to store the data for later retrieval. Another challenge was inventing a way to read back all of the compressed information on the CD fast enough to play back sound continuously, which was made possible by integrated circuit technology.
When a new audio CD is needed, a glass master must be created first. It is inspected carefully for quality assurance because a flawless master is what is really needed to manufacture good replicas. Once the glass master is finished, a stamper is created that is loaded into an injection molding machine, where the actual replicates are created. Through every step of the manufacturing process, quality and precision must be solidly maintained at the risk of creating waste.
A Compact Disc plays the sounds back in a system of groves laid out in a spiral over the surface of the disc. When the laser from the CD player moves along the spiral, it will encounter "pits" and "lands" that cause the laser to be reflected back at various intensities to the reader. The computer inside the CD player interprets this data as sound. Using this method eliminates the "fuzz" that you might hear on some older audio recordings, making CD's one of the most high quality audio formats around to this day.

Mp3 - A Revolution in the World of Music

There is no denying that the advent of this format of music has changed the whole way we used to enjoy our music. It has its advantages and disadvantages:

10 Ways to Improve Your Home by James Brack

Saturday night TV is back and X Factor is once again gripping the nation. So what's the most enjoyable part of the show? Is it the singing? Is it the foul mouthed judges (no names mentioned)? Is it the humiliation of the singers when they hit a bum note? No, for me it is checking out the new styles of the judges, the clothes, the hair, the makeup. Now that is real Saturday night TV!
So, let's take Dannii Minogue for example. We can all admit that over the years she has been on X Factor she has sometimes got it very, very wrong. However, at the moment she really has hit the ground running. Her new hair cut is incredible on a number of levels. Her sassy bob makes her look fantastic for her age, and let's be honest she isn't getting any younger. She is an inspiration to women who have shorter hair, and she appears to have finally picked a grown up look that really accentuates her features and says "hey, I might be older than you, but I've still got what it takes."

Katy Perry and a Swedish singer Robyn by goticket snow

Katy Perry and Russell Brand wed in Hindu Ceremony. According to a report they both are seeking couple therapy. Katy Perry is seeking a counselor therapy to smooth the troubles in her marriage. She is nominated in the 53rd Grammy Awards. These awards will be telecast on CBS from Los Angeles on 13th of February. She said “I’m grateful to be nominated anytime. I’ve never won Grammy, but I feel like, Oh they know that I exists….and that’s a really nice feeling. This year has been a bit different. With the nomination for album of the year, it feels like they are recognizing my whole body of work and recognizing me as a whole person, and not just for my fa

How To Use Diving Watches For Maximum Benefit

Are you someone who enjoys scuba diving but are currently diving without a dive watch?  Before you go on your next scuba diving excursion, definitely consider picking up one of these watches.  They are much more than a waterproof time piece.  They can act as a backup for your dive computer.

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How to find Uptown Dallas Apartments Lady Gaga Would Live I

There are few that will argue that Lady Gaga has stormed the scene and become a fashion trendsetter. While many other hot starlets and celebrities are proving to be part of a cookie-cutter group when it comes to fashion, Lady Gaga has not been afraid to step out on a limb. She has done it all her own way catching the eye of the media and critics alike. While you may not agree with her fashion choices, it is no secret that she is bold and daring and goes all out when stepping out on the stage or out in public. Likewise, when decorating apartments in Uptown Dallas, TX, it is simple to follow Lady Gaga’s lead and make a bold statement with a modern and sleek look. Here are some tips to help you don your new apartment in style:

Lady Gaga Tickets 2011 - Monster Ball Tour

Lady Gaga additionally likes rock music of rolling stones and the Beatles. She has been daddy’s little girl and all the time like to accomplish and sing in front of other people. At an excessively younger age she is already a performer who at all times wants glamour and forte in her each and every performance. Her circle of relatives isn't surprised that she's going to transform an icon someday. Today she become a multi-talented exhibitionist singer and tune author on the related time. She all the time adds aptitude of theatrics in all her track movies that made her as Lady Gaga. This 23 year old girl at all times desires to entertain other people.

Lady Gaga Costume for Halloween

Lady Gaga is one celebrity who has such a different style sense, it may kick you off your seat. But this style can be extremely helpful because you can try any look of her's as your Halloween costumes for Halloween 2010. For looking like Lady Gaga, you can look online for her costumes and buy them for Halloween.

Taylor Huge Baby Acoustic Guitar

The Taylor Large Child Acoustic Guitar

My search for a good acoustic guitar for my nieces son started off a single day soon after she had referred to as for my guitar getting suggestions. Getting really tall, I assumed that he could easily manage a 000 concert guitar, or even a complete-sized dreadnought. As it turns out, the finances for a guitar was set at no a lot more than $500. So soon after hoping out various acoustics that met this standards, I lastly decided on the Massive Child dreadnought made available by Taylor Guitars. Taylor advertises this guitar as a 15/sixteen lowered sized guitar. But that did not problem me in the least. A few amazing capabilities of this guitar is that technically it is a travel guitar, in that the neck comes off incredibly effortlessly. It can then be packed or toted really very easily, and he could deliver it to university in a couple of many years also.

How to Sing Like a Superstar

There is certainly numerous amounts of men and women out there across the globe whom wish to start to be a awesome performer. Performers have already been around the world for often the longest time and probably will maintain to be everywhere until it is often the ultimate conclusion of the universe. Performers possibly can be heard pretty much any where anyone go. The new music business has become a particularly lucrative business the fact that of this. Often the followers will likely at all times really wish unique singers to be moving in to his or her's everyday life.

Net Design and style - The Window To A World of Achievement

There is a single point which can do wonders if utilized with the modern day day techniques and presence of thoughts. A net style can do wonders for your organization. Is can act like a catalyst in the journey of success in your enterprise.

Designed to make mixing MP3’s easy

The Hercules DJ Control MP3e2, is another controller specifically designed to make mixing MP3’s easy. If you deem a computer equipped squirrel a sound card, amplified speakers, your favorite harmony tracks again a USB port you are ready to crush the abode with your personalized mixes. Hercules, the head in portable DJing solutions for computers and manufacturer of entertainment hardware unveils their latest DJ creation, the Hercules DJ Control MP3e2.

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The Best Guitar Players To Idolize

Many people, guitar players, or music lovers have their own heroes in guitar music. Their hero’s may have served as inspirations with the music they have made or they may be the motivation of many people that is why they would like to learn to play the guitar.

Kinds Of Guitar: The Classical, Acoustic And The Electric

A guitar is a stringed instrument that produces sounds through the string’s vibration resonating within the guitar’s body.

Guitars can be classified into 3 kinds: the classical guitar, the acoustic guitar and finally the electric guitar.

Learning The Guitar Lingo

The guitar is one of the most sought-after musical instruments today. Its popularity is manifested through-out the radio stations and the music videos on MTV. Almost all types of music in modern pop culture have been influenced by the guitar in one way or another.

Types Of Guitars: An Introduction

The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments today. There are different kinds of guitars that are available out for different guitar players. Guitars are different in terms of playability, overall appearance and sound quality.

The CAPO And Guitar-Playing

Despite the similarity of the words, the capo is not your regular trigger-happy Mafia leader although it does come from the Italian word "capo tasto" which means head of finger board. Instead, the capo is a harmless gadget or device attached to a stringed instrument like a guitar, to raise its pitch.

Capos come in different brands but the common kinds are the elastic capos - which are the least expensive and most commonly used by guitar players, the nylon capos, and the steel string capos.

While it may look a bit strange and highly technical for non-guitar players, the capo can be easily attached to a guitar. It is placed on any of the frets of a guitar neck. A fret is a small ridge on the finger board of a stringed instrument. Or in layman's terms, it looks like equal divisions located in a guitar's neck or handle - the one attached to the guitar's semi-elliptical body.

To use the capo, just attach the device to any of the frets and make sure the clamp can hold all the strings down. Inspect for any kind of pulling of the guitar strings as it may cause the guitar to sound out of tune.

A special kind of capo, the third hand capo, is a gadget that can easily clamp all the strings of the guitar in place. Like the ordinary capos, it allows the guitar player to play tunes that may be difficult to play using the bare guitar strings.

If you have tried singing accompanied by a guitar, or just playing the guitar, you may be familiar with songs that are either too low or too high in pitch and you just can't reach the right pitch. This is where the capo comes to the rescue, by making the pitch right.

The capo is not only used by guitar experts but it also allows beginners to enjoy different kinds of tunes without difficulty. Using the capo can sometimes be frustrating for guitar players as they can hinder the proper playing or proper hand reaching.

While capos are used with stringed instruments, they are also commonly used with guitars. Guitars can either be acoustic or electric, but the basic method of playing the instrument remains the same. 

Most guitars have a total of six strings but there are 12-stringed guitars so no matter how many guitar strings there are, they are most generally played by strumming or plucking the strings with a person's right hand. Sometimes, though, a pick is used to do the plucking or strumming. The left hand is used to hold the guitar in order to play a note or chord.

A guitarist must possess the following essentials:

How To Change Bad Habits In Playing The Guitar

In the course of learning to play the guitar, many people develop bad habits which are disturbing and inappropriate to people. These bad habits are easy to overcome once the person realizes that he has them and becomes familiar with the proper way to play the guitar. Here are some easy steps to follow that will help overcome those bad habits.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The History of Anime - Where Did Anime Start?

Are you interested in Japanese filmmaking, have you ever wondered, while watching their anime, drama or manga, where it all started? Anime first started off in Japan in the 20th century briefly after the boarders were opened in the late 19th. This made the animation techniques that developed in the West easy to transport to Japan by 1914. "The very first three animated films created in Japan fit on one reel and were between one to five minutes long."(Patten) The content of these works were primarily of old folk tales and samurai legends. Japanese animators were greatly influenced by American animators so the black and white style was a must but the rounded heads and animal adaptations of people was Japan's first signature to making a style all to their own.

How Does Computer Animation Work?

Animation has significantly improved over the years, from the old two-dimensional cartoons of old to the amazing, and often believable, three-dimensional animation that can now be seen in many movies.
So, how does computer animation work? In a nutshell, 3D animation is created by using a computer to "give life" to static images. In other words, by quickly running through a sequence of images, a computer can appear to make static objects move. This article will explain the basics of how computer animation works.
How Does Computer Animation Work?

Top 5 New Year Songs

What guitar pieces do you play at a New Year celebration? There are very few "traditional" New Year songs, with the exception of course of Auld Lang Syne, and even fewer songs that are available to be played on acoustic guitar. But don't despair, we've put together a list of our five favorite New Year songs for acoustic guitar; five pieces that you can add to your repertoire and play to impress and inspire on New Year's Eve.

The Good and Bad of Computer Music Production

If you're a musically creative kind of person, you may have considered the possibility of making music on your own on a computer. These days, with computer technology as it now is, it's truly amazing what can be achieved just by one person and a minimal amount of equipment.

Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys

If anybody doubts the value of "cooperative competition," they should study the field of pop music from 1964 to 1969.
As the year 1964 dawned, I doubt that many American music stars such as The Beach Boys, Leslie Gore, Paul Revere and the Raiders, and others dreamed they were on the edge of precipice - of the greatest shift in the musical industry in their lifetimes.
They probably didn't realize it even after they watched The Beatles debut on The Ed Sullivan Show Sunday night February 9.

Django Reinhardt - Gypsy Guitar Music Virtuoso - Part 1 By Steve M Herron

Almost a half century after his passing, Django Reinhardt still remains a towering figure in the annals of jazz guitar. To this day, his blazing guitar playing stands up to that of present day master jazz guitarists such as Joe Pass, Pat Martino, Johnny Smith and George Benson. Author James Lincoln Collier in his publication "The Making of Jazz", called Django "the most important guitarist in the anals of jazz". When you take into consideration the army of jazz guitarists he has motivated, he may very well be. His unheard of style of guitar playing - combining European influenced licks and harmonies with jazz music rhythms was unheard of during his lifetime. He was among the very first of the European jazz musicians who could the jazz feel correctly and he left an historical stamp on the world of jazz guitar playing. His major influence was session guitarist Eddie Lang (the first major jazz guitarist) and he absorbed Lang's European based harmonic concepts and took them one step further.

The Power of Playing A Musical Instrument

Worthwhile as a hobby or a career, playing a musical instrument is fun, and contributes to a well-rounded life. Studies have proven that children who are exposed to music programs in elementary school have better self-discipline and patience skills, are more alert, and have higher IQ's. Children who actually learn to play a musical instrument gain abilities that enable them to become life-long learners. Music education helps to develop areas of the brain involved in language and reasoning. Spatial intelligence is enhanced, which is the ability to accurately perceive the world, and form mental pictures of things.

Cars and Guitars: Rockabilly Music and Car Shows Are a Match Made in Rock and Roll Heaven

It's a natural. Cool cars teamed up with hot guitars. The rockabilly music scene and the car show circuit have become inseparable over the past several years. Any good car show these days will be made better by a rockin' band or two to keep car nuts' motors running during the event.

Transcribe Music, Songs, Notes, Chord, Solos

To many musicians, the words “transcribing music,” are words that induce feelings of despair and nausea. Many musicians that have tried to transcribe music before may have run into problems such as: not being able to hear the bass line, the song may be played at too fast of a tempo to even give it a good try, etc. They may have tried to play a chord, but couldn’t make out one or two of the notes necessary to make the chord sound the right way. Transcribing music can be very difficult and challenging process (sigh); but it can also be a very rewarding.

Download Immigration Tango-Take Full Enjoyment By Download This Documentary Movie

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Steinway Piano Prices - How Much Is a Steinway Grand Piano Worth?

When researching Steinway piano prices it's important to remember that three elements: condition, age and model/design will be the paramount factors of determining the worth. The condition often will be variable with a certain age depending on where the piano was used. A conservatory or school piano will age rapidly, even pianos less than a year old may have hundreds of playing hours, lessening their overall lifespan dramatically. Buying a piano from the currently popular university sale frequently sponsored by Kawai and Yamaha piano dealers may not be the best decision when you consider this important fact.

How to Hit High Notes Singing Effortlessly

In this article I am going to discuss how to hit high notes singing effortlessly.
When I was a younger singer high notes were anything but effortless. They were hard work! The problem that I had was pulling my heavy chest voice up as high as I could.
Maybe you have had the experience of singing higher and suddenly your voice breaks!?? I know how frustrating and embarrassing that can be.

Rockabilly Queen Wanda Jackson Biography

With the release of Wanda Jackson's new CD, The Party Ain't Over, produced by Jack White, there's been a lot of buzz about the her lately. So who is this Queen of Rockabilly and why is everyone making such a fuss over her?
Although among rockabilly fans Wanda will forever be known as the Queen of Rockabilly, she's had a long and varied music career that included great country and gospel recordings. But it was the early rockabilly that turned everybody's heads!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Want to Live Debt Free? These Tips Will Help

Do you dream about being debt free some day? This can be a reality if you follow some basic rules and do what it takes. To start down the road to financial freedom you need to do a few things first. Are you ready? Let's go.

Tip #1. You need to admit there is a problem.

Is there not enough cash coming in or is it spent too quickly, or both? Is the money being spent on non-essentials? Is the income being spent unwisely on luxury items that you cannot really afford? Do you know how much you really have to spend? Do you know how much you owe and to whom?

You need to honestly answer these questions and be prepared to take some action.

Tip #2. You need a make a plan and stick to it.

First of all, you need to know your financial situation. Take out all your credit cards' statements and add up the outstanding balances. Make a plan to reduce the debt to a certain level within a fixed period of time. Once this is done there are tools you can use from the Internet to track your spending and your debt reduction.

Imagine what you will be able to do with the money you currently use to pay off debt.

Tip #3. Never add to your debt. Cut up the credit cards and live within your means.

Work out ways to cut down on your expenses so that you can live within your means. Start to put some funds aside for emergencies. You can cut down your expenses easily if you just think creatively. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

a) Anything you need (not just want) can usually be bought at a sale. Commit to not buying at retail prices again. Look in newspapers, wait for sales and be patient.

b) Cook at home a lot more often. Freeze leftovers. Plan you food needs for the week. Make your lunch for work instead of buying it each day.

c) Read magazines, get DVDs and Videos for free from your local library.

d) Take up a hobby. Get busy - shop less. Maybe your hobby can create some income?

e) Give up the coffee bought while shopping or at work.

f) Maybe if you tried you could get away with only 1 car. Travel by bus or train if possible.

Tip #4. Don't compare yourself with others.

If you spend to keep up with others, think whether they may be in a similar position to you. Work out and understand how much you can spend and how much needs to be put aside for saving or emergencies.

Tip #5. Pay off one small debt completely.

This will give you a boost and help you keep on track more easily and you'll be more motivated to pay off all the debts.

Tip #6. Keep some fun money.

This process needs to be fun, not a misery. If it becomes a chore you will be tempted not to meet your goals. Keep some money aside that allows you the freedom to spend on things you want, occasionally. You'll feel so much better about spending on items that you can afford.

Music Download Industry Debate

The music download industry keeps evolving, as more players enter the game and alliances are formed within a blink of an eye. We’re all aware of AT&T partnering with giant Apple Inc. to promote the iPhone, which of course uses iTunes for its ringtone capabilities. As more mobile phones encompass multimedia functions, the music and telecommunications industries are realizing their unfolding opportunities to meld together.

AT&T and Napster, one of the original music download services, are joining together and providing direct download capabilities, according to CNNMoney. In an effort to avoid mobile-to- PC connections to transfer music files, direct downloads are growing in popularity. More mobile phone owners are using their cell phones as MP3 players, not to mention the added benefit of using downloads as ringtones.

Similarly, in Australia, Nokia is stepping up to the plate in music downloads, providing free Wi-Fi zones for Nokia Nseries customers. They plan to launch a music download service of their own sometime this year, and with their free Wi-Fi campaign, more and more Australian-based Nokia users will be more apt to try it out come launch time.

Telecommunications companies and mobile phone service providers aren’t the only ones switching up the music download industry. 6StarReviews.com reports that Amazon’s newest service, AmazonMP3, is offering lower prices on individual songs and albums than some of their competitors, such as iTunes.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brokeback Mountain DVD Review

The controversial film from director Ang Lee has reached store shelves in DVD form. Little needs to be explained of the discussion surrounding the movie and just about everyone has heard of or participated in these discussions already. That being said, the movie has earned its fair share of attention both in terms of recognition and ticket sales at the theaters, however the DVD version of the movie doesn't really contain anything outstanding in terms of bonus features or materials.

Bollywood on Your Phone

The Bollywood craze has swept around the world, as fans of "Hindi Cinema" have fallen in love with the kietschy (and yet unusually addictive) high-pitched songs, exaggerated hand and eye movements, and tendency of characters to break into large-scale musical numbers at the oddest moments, and often against anachronistic settings like the Swiss Alps.

But music is an integral part of Bollywood films, so that even a dark and edgy drama has to have at least one catchy song and corresponding dance number woven into the script. In fact, in India, the sound track is released before the movie, so that everyone is humming the song as they enter the theatres.

Most Bollywood songs are actually lip-synched by the actors, the voices "borrowed" from professional playback singers. (The exceptions are Kishore Kumar K. L. Saigal, Suraiyya and Noor Jehan, who are known for both their acting and their singing). were also known as both singers and actors. Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan also sang in their movies. However, playback singers have their own following-like Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi and Yesudas.

Today's Bollywood songs are known for how they remix filmi songs with modern beats and rhythms, adding an interesting edge to the ancient folk dances and steps that make up a typical Bollywood number (although it is not uncommon to see current hits incorporating MTV or Broadway twists).

While some Bollywood songs are directly related to the plot, there are also item numbers where someone performs a catchy number-like a courtesan dancing for a rich client in a cabaret scene, or disco scenes, or dancing at celebrations.

Bollywood soundtracks usually become big hits, and there are cases when the music outsells the movie. Due to their incredible popularity, it is not surprising that many of the songs are now available as ringtones. Now you can listen to "Kabhi kushi kabhi ghum" or " Bolein chooriyaan" on your phone. Some come in polyphonic form, but many are already available as true tones.

Urban Movies Continue To Rise

Urban movies continue to grow in popularity. This can be seen in the exploding direct to video market where urban movies reign supreme. The rising quality of independent urban movies has made them much more attractive to DVD consumers.

Some talented film directors behind this urban movement are Charles Dutton, Damon Dash, Sid Kali, Hype Williams, John Singleton, Dale Stelly, Mike O'Dea and Quentin Tarantino.

The diversity of the urban genre continues to grow because the storylines are connecting with a larger audience by going beyond what you would expect to see in an urban movie. Filmmakers are pushing the complexity and overall look of the urban genre to new levels.

Exploring the urban landscape and culture makes for entertaining films that offer viewers a look into a slice of americana they might not otherwise experience. Collaborating with dedicated individuals that work in front of the camera and behind the scenes to create quality urban movies has always been a life goal of Director Sid Kali.

Sid Kali made his directorial debut with the urban feature "Consignment". The spirit of independent filmmaking came together. We felt "Consignment" was best served highlighting a Latino and Black perspective of the events that were going to unfold in the film.

The plot centers around a Virginia Beach drug dealer that runs into trouble and has to lay low in Southern California. This being the movies all the problems that come with power, drug money, fast women, and jealous rivals has to come out. It was nice to be able to mix in the subtle cultural differences between the two places.

This West Coast and East Coast mix worked out because Co-Producer and Editor Tim Beachum had lived in Ohio, Detroit , and Virginia Beach during his years. While Sid Kali has only lived in Southern California his entire life. By working together they were able to blend these influences together. "Consignment" is being released on DVD November 2007 by Maverick Entertainment Group, Inc. Support independent film and add this feature to your DVD collection.

An important aspect of making an urban movie is keeping it authentic. At the independent level budgets are tighter, so it helps if you write a script that has elements you can realistically translate from the page to the screen. The basic idea is to write a script that you can shoot using your resources. The cool thing with urban movies are they lend themselves to many more backdrops than before.

It used to be when you attached the word urban to a film the story had to take place in the inner city. That's changing as urban culture and style is moving beyond those pervious boundaries. This makes for an exciting time to shoot urban movies.

The word "crime drama" is used to describe films like "Training Day", "The Departed", "Heat" and 'Scarface'. To some movie buffs these are urban masterpieces done by highly talented and respected filmmakers at the top of their creative game. This shows the diversity of the urban genre.

After the experience of shooting "Consignment". Slice Of Americana Films wanted to expand their take on the urban genre with "In With Thieves". This urban movie brings together a unique blend of creative elements.

"In With Thieves" features a Cuban cartel that practices their own version of Santeria, an African based crime group that deals in blood diamonds, ruthless Albanian gangsters, and an American burglary crew that is Latino, Black, and Irish.

This unique blend of creative and visual elements we felt would make for a provocative urban film. The inspiration was to show that urban stories can have global influences.

Career criminal Jack McGee (Tony Napoli) is out of prison facing hard times. His trophy wife Karen (Jennifer Day) spent all the money they had stashed away and found time to fall in love with another man. Max (Edward Gusts) his junkie brother-in-law, made enemies with the Albanian Mafia leaving Jack to hold the bag on a large debt. The release date for Jack insn't a surprise to anyone who runs in criminal circles. Former gang member turned burglar Hector Garcia (Walter Pagan) and street huslter Frank Washington (Jerome A. Hawkins) are his partners in crime. When Jack was running the robbery crew they were flush with cash. After he went inside the scores dried up. Now it's time for them to reconnect and go back to work.

Anton (Jayson Matthews) a savvy and vicious Albanian boss, has his trusted solider Vicktor (Marek Matousek) carry out a brutal act of violence to send a message to Jack. The message is clear to Jack. Pay the debt or everyone close to him will be murdered. Over friendly welcome home drinks Jack asks Hector and Frank to come through on the money he needs to pay off Anton. They both refuse his request turning the reunion bitter and bringing some old wounds to the surface.

Karen halfway walks back into Jack's life pushing him into a frantic mix of anger, confusion, and dark alcohol fueled thoughts. She's still involved with the other man. Adding to his problems is a gunpoint reminder that he has a short time to pay his debt or Karen will be killed. Pressed he hooks back up with Hector and Frank to steal the money he needs to pay Anton. They come up short.

He falls into a heated sexual affair with contract killer Rita Desouza (Arnita Champion) to numb his pain. Sex turns to conspiracy when she lays out a plan to have her husband ripped-off during a 5 million dollar diamond deal. Her husband is ruthless Cuban kingpin David Desouza (Art Parga). He's heavily into his own version of Santeria and the blood diamond market. He depends on Rita and his most bloodthirsty enforcer Voodoo (Jesse James Youngblood) took keep people in line.

Jack brings in Hector and Frank to help him pull off the robbery. Out of time on his debt he's forced to let Anton in on the job for a large cut of the take. They crash in on illegal blood diamond deal between a Cuban cartel and an African based crime syndicate headed by an ambitious upstart known as Omar (Keion Adams).

The rip-off erupts into deadly violence. This sets off a frenzy of double-crosses and brazen executions that entwine everyone in a bloody conflict that plays out to an explosive ending. Friendship, loyalty, and love run short in a world of greed.

The trailer can be viewed on YouTube.Com, Yahoo Videos, Google Videos, AtomFilms.Com, and iFilm.Com

"In With Thieves" is in the final stages of post-production and is being represented to interested distributors by Mark Steven Bosko the author of "The Complete Independent Movie Marketing Handbook". A must read for independent filmmakers that want practical advice on the business. While filmmaking is an art you should be prepared for the harsh realities of the business side. All filmmakers take lumps coming up through the game.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What Do You Call the Music Lady Gaga (or Other Pop Artist) Sings Over?

The Basics
I can't tell you how many times I've been asked what you call the music that someone like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber or Chris Brown sings over so I thought I'd post it up. In the case of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber you would call that music a "pop beat" which is similar terminology to a rap beat for those who are familiar with rap beats. In the case of Chris Brown it would typically be an RnB beat, but sometimes his songs sound kind of pop-ish so depending on the song it could go either way. The term "beats" just refers to the instrumental, or the background music of a song.

Advantages of LCD and Plasma Television Over Regular Television Sets

The LCD and Plasma television sets are latest scientific wonder for general customers. They are far better than the conventional television sets in many ways and for this reason and the use of these televisions is increasing very fast in all over the world. Beside the television sets, they are becoming very popular as computer monitors.

Friday, February 4, 2011

PianoForAll's Deep Secret

This is what a successful piano company does best. It looks far into the future and find out what to do today.
Today, PianoForAll course offers the best service, experience, know how, and activities depending on your pleasure. This is possible because the author has looked into the future, and discovered that playing the piano is one of life's pure joys today. The system focuses on giving you just that joy of life.
Over the past few years, piano for all have spared no expense and invested a lot of money in these jaw-dropping superb piano lessons. Even if you've played piano before, you probably have not experienced anything like this new piano joy.

Top 10 Tax Deductible Expenses for Musicians

The IRS defines a business expense as something that is common, accepted, helpful, and appropriate to your trade or business.

Most musicians operate as sole proprietors, thus they are considered a business that can make deductions from their expenses.  Before being able to make deductibles, you must file a Schedule C as part of your annual tax return.  This will reduce the amount of net taxable income therefore reducing the amount of your income tax.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

So You Think You’re An Anime Fan: The Ultimate Anime Top Three List

Many people consider themselves to be fans of the anime genre, but with so many films and anime series out there, it’s hard to know where to start if you’re interested in the genre as a whole. This top three guide to movies may help you decide where to begin your anime experience.

Many people consider themselves to be fans of the anime genre, but with so many films and anime series out there, it's hard to know where to start if you're interested in the genre as a whole. This top three guide to movies may help you decide where to begin your anime experience.
1. Princess Mononoke

Buying and Caring for Anime Collectible DVDs

In the US alone, it is estimated that thousands of individuals participate in an interest that is commonly referred to as anime collecting. Anime collecting involves the buying, storing, and possibly the reselling of anime Collectibles. Although numerous professional anime collectors, particularly those looking to make a profit, tend to place their concentrate on collectable figures and figurines, there are quite a few much more items that will be put into an anime collection, like

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The History and Craftsmanship of the Thumb Piano

An African instrument, the Thumb Piano is very similar to the Kalimba. A couple of other terms are the Mbria or Likembe. They all look quite similar to one another but quite naturally they have a variance in the sounds each instrument makes. These instruments have been around for thousands of years. Originally the keys were made of bamboo and over time the keys were replaced with medal keys. In the early 1900's the thumb piano was give the name Kalimba.
It was thought in ancient times the thumb piano (Mbira, Kalimba) was to project its sound into heaven and was even considered to draw down spirits to the earth. Some of them were violent spirits in which the music would stop until the spirits had departed from the area. Now lets look at the craftsmanship of the piano.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Make Money With Your Music In Films

Licensing your music into films is a great extra income stream for you as an independent artist. But, as with any other aspect of the music business, you have to go through the learning curve and networking process. My experience with film licensing, just like everything else, revolves around whom you know.

An Interview With Drummer Mykill Mike Aresco

Tribute bands usually play the music of a certain to get people through the door to see the bands OWN songs thrown in between the artist of tribute. Since December 2004, I have been watching one band in particular, a Slayer tribute act. Not once, has this band added their own music to their set list. NOT ONCE. When a fan of a band (particularly Slayer) is out on the town checking out live entertainment, they what to see what they are paying for, a tribute. Not a little of this and a little of that. So, do they have their own songs?

Top 5 Songs To Play At A Funeral

Hi everyone. With this article, I am going list my top 5 songs that should be played at a funeral. Many people often ask me for advice when it comes to funerals, and there are hundreds of songs that can be played at a funeral. Often, it is best to choose what you feel your loved one would have liked to hear. However, there are some songs that are really beautiful that fit the mood perfectly. With that, here is my list of the top 5 funeral songs.

Making Beats Online - Software Program Considerations

Anybody who has access to an internet connection can generate beats online for a small portion of the price that it cost a few years back. You would have had to part with thousands of dollars for costly equipment and even then, the beats that were produced weren’t particularly amazing.

Currently however, there are beat maker packages readily available to anyone and everyone who want to develop amazing beats for less than $150. The software program is very easy to grasp and also very effective, letting you to conceive spectacular instrumentals in just a few hours from getting the software.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Youtube Phenomenon

If you browse the web, you'll come across many websites that has one or more video clips embedded in it. News websites such as BBC and CNN fall in this category. But, what about a website that has only video clips and nothing else? This is exactly what the Youtube Phenomenon is all about. To those who have not heard about Youtube, it is a video sharing website where one could upload, share, and watch video clips - Youtube videos - for free. It is owned by Google. 

Here is a bit history of what all went behind in the making of Youtube.com. Little had the three former PayPal employees - Chad Hurley,

Urban Movies Continue To Rise

Urban movies continue to grow in popularity. This can be seen in the exploding direct to video market where urban movies reign supreme. The rising quality of independent urban movies has made them much more attractive to DVD consumers.

Some talented film directors behind this urban movement are Charles Dutton, Damon Dash, Sid Kali, Hype Williams, John Singleton, Dale Stelly, Mike O'Dea and Quentin Tarantino.

The diversity of the urban genre continues to grow because the storylines are connecting with a larger audience by going beyond what you would expect to see in an urban movie. Filmmakers are pushing the complexity and overall look of the urban genre to new levels. 

What You Need to Know About Canadian Music and Musicians

Sadly, most of us here in the U.S. are blissfully unaware of performers that don't hail from one of the 50 states. Ask the average Joe on the street if they know of any Canadian musicians, and if you get any response, you'll hear Celine Dion or Shania Twain, maybe even Bryan Adams or Neil Young. While these are certainly talented musicians in their own right, they certainly do not represent the breadth and depth of the Canadian music scene. Some of the ignorance is due to the cultural similarities between ourselves and our neighbors to the North.
Pop/punk sensation Avril Lavigne is so popular with the tweener set here in the U.S. precisely because she looks and sounds like she could have stepped off of any high school campus in middle America. But aside from such superstars as Alanis Morrisette and Rush who have transcended any national boundaries and become truly international, Canadian musicians have plenty to offer the world in terms of exciting and fresh music. I would like to offer a few suggestions in various categories, and perhaps with a casual listen, you'll discover like I did that the Great White North has more to offer than a few tasty brews.

You Too Can Start an Independent Record Label

It's no big secret, the trick of how to start a record label definitely involves some cash and most definitely involves some talent. If you want to know the secret to how to start and run your own label then here it is, talent. You have to have something to sell your business pitch with. It doesn't matter what your particular genre is, you need to get out there and discover your first million. Yep, I am talking about dollars. 

If you are just sitting around trying to figure out how to start you own independent record label then you are wasting your time. Get out there and try to find "the" band or "the" person that is worthy of a record deal. Go to clubs, rummage through MySpace, hang out at bars with live music, there is talent all around you so find it. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

House season 7 Episode 10 Your One-Stop-Shop to Incessant Entertainment

Why people are tempted to watch House season 7 episode 10 online. As i guess this house s07e10 entitled ‘Carrot or Stick’, where house team faces a challenging task of associating the symptoms of a military recruit with his drill sergeant and storyline will share its own set of joys and sorrows with us. so people are queuing up to catch House season 7 episode 10 download as soon as it releases.
House is one of the brillian

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Learn Guitar Scales to Play Amazing Dorian Guitar Solos

To understand the Dorian mode it is essential that the major scale or Ionian mode is first understood. The Dorian mode is derived from the major scale by simply starting on the second note of the major scale. By making the second note now the root note, and keeping the same interval structure, we create a completely different set of sounding notes known as the Dorian mode. As you learn guitar scales you will find this mode particularly useful for soloing.
Let’s compare the intervals of the Dorian mode with that of the major scale. So if both have the same root note - we notice that they contain the same intervals, however the Dorian mode has its third dropped a semitone creating a minor third and the seventh is also dropped a semitone. This difference in two notes will make the two sound very different.
As you learn guitar scales and modes you will come across the commonly used natural minor scale. The Dorian mode is very similar to the natural minor scale, with one important difference. The Dorian mode has a major sixth interval – the same as the major scale -compared to the flattened sixth of the natural minor scale. This one difference makes the Dorian mode much brighter and happier sounding compared with the natural minor scale.
The Dorian mode is often said to have a “bluesy” sound when played on the guitar. When you learn guitar scales for the first time, no doubt you will encounter the minor pentatonic scale or the blues scale. If we add a major second and a major sixth to the minor pentatonic scale we create the Dorian mode. These two notes will add more flavour and diversity to your guitar solos, whilst maintaining the “bluesy” undertones from the common pentatonic notes.
The Dorian mode can be applied to many different styles of music. In rock music, as an example, Eric Clapton uses this mode in the classic “Cocaine”, and Carlos Santana uses this mode often to solo with. There are many examples in popular music as well as jazz using this mode. As you progress with lead guitar and learn guitar scales, you will start to hear the different intervals and identify the modes in various songs.

The Dorian mode can be played over minor chords or seventh chords. Seventh chords tend to sound good because four out of the seven notes are common, making it hard to hit a “bad” note.
As you learn guitar scales and modes, keep an eye out for the Dorian mode. Using this mode will take your pentatonic solos up a level giving them a more diverse and colourful sound. You will be truly amazed at what the addition of just two notes to the minor pentatonic scale can really do for your guitar solos.
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Watch Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Online

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Guitar Tuning And How To Tune A Guitar

he guitar standard tuning is as follows:

STRING - 6th String (bottom, bass, low) NOTE - E
5th String - A
4th String - D
3rd String - G
2nd String - B
1st String (top, treble, high) - E

Tips For Any Guitar Tuning Method

Acoustic Guitar Lesson - Useful Tips For The Beginner

Are you just embarking on your journey to learn to play acoustic guitar? Great job! You are well on your way to something fantastic - taking acoustic guitar lessons, and being able to play the guitar is a wonderful thing. In this article I have a handful of tips, that could very well enable you to make some good decisions.

Get Your Favorite Show Collection From Old Time Radio

OTR means Old Time Radio. This radio is having a collection of all the shows between the mid 1920's to 1960. This includes all genres of amazing recordings those are frequently performed by the top name performers. Some of the shows were lost because hose were never recorded and some of the existing episodes are still in circulation, which were stored by the sponsors or fans. Nowadays these recordings are digitally converted from their original media & stored in to MP3 format. This Mp3 format is easier for collecting,

The Trouble With Coupons

(Before I begin, it occurs to me that the title of this post might also make a very fun book or short story title.  Doesn’t it sound like a story about a bargain hunter with a serious chick lit problem? Hmm … I’ll have to noodle on that for a while.)
On to my real thoughts about coupons–specifically those from Family Christian Stores.

Why the iiNet case scares me and why movie and music publishers need to evolve to survive

It scares me because iiNet have done nothing wrong, despite claims by the AFACT that they “allowed distribution of copyrighted material”. iiNet cannot, by law, monitor what it’s users do with their connections without a court order. The AFACT seem to be assuming that because they believe a user is downloading movies or music via bittorrent, iiNet should know too. After all, they are the ones providing the internet connection. However, conclusive proof needs to be given, and unless iiNet monitors its user’s connections,

How Learning Music Can Help With Acting

Learning music can multiply your abilities as an actor. Here are two examples from two A-listers of how they have used music in their career. Followed by showing the technique of being good a music and acting are the same.
Johnny Depp Story
The first career that Johnny Depp wanted to have was to be a musician. Actually, to this day, whenever he can have a guitar around he’ll bring it. Depp states that he uses his approach to music to help him in the craft of acting. He approaches a character just like he approaches learning a song. How this works is the following. In order to learn a song, you have to observe and listen to very carefully over and over again.

How Does Music Influence Our Daily Life?

We are all aware that music and "atmosphere" go together. We might put on relaxing music for a quiet romantic dinner, but listen to something livelier while doing some physical work or exercise or when out socializing in larger groups. You might have heard of farmers who increase production by playing music to their animals
. Recent studies showing that listening to fast music while driving increases the rate of car accidents and the Mozart Effect claims to increase intelligence.