Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Get Your Favorite Show Collection From Old Time Radio

OTR means Old Time Radio. This radio is having a collection of all the shows between the mid 1920's to 1960. This includes all genres of amazing recordings those are frequently performed by the top name performers. Some of the shows were lost because hose were never recorded and some of the existing episodes are still in circulation, which were stored by the sponsors or fans. Nowadays these recordings are digitally converted from their original media & stored in to MP3 format. This Mp3 format is easier for collecting,
playback & listening. So what are you waiting for? Get your favorite show today and choose Old Time Radio for your easy access. There are many internet sources that are proving these shows, but the charm of Old Time Radio is totally different from others. So sign up with OTR today and enjoy unlimited fun.
This OTR can be played in MP3 / DVD player depending on the model of the player. But the happiest news is we can play, listen & enjoy OTRCAT MP3 cds in our computer. Latest generation of all MP3/DVD players often support to play OTRCAT disks.  Win-amp software which is freely available, required to run these MP3 cd's in the computers.  The sound quality of these MP3 disk is relatively very good, & it can be transferred to audio cassettes also. These MP3 can be played in car and you can enjoy them while travelling with your family members or friends. You are here with us, the best Old Time Radio show collection.

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