Sunday, January 30, 2011

So You Think You’re An Anime Fan: The Ultimate Anime Top Three List

Many people consider themselves to be fans of the anime genre, but with so many films and anime series out there, it’s hard to know where to start if you’re interested in the genre as a whole. This top three guide to movies may help you decide where to begin your anime experience.

Many people consider themselves to be fans of the anime genre, but with so many films and anime series out there, it's hard to know where to start if you're interested in the genre as a whole. This top three guide to movies may help you decide where to begin your anime experience.
1. Princess Mononoke

Buying and Caring for Anime Collectible DVDs

In the US alone, it is estimated that thousands of individuals participate in an interest that is commonly referred to as anime collecting. Anime collecting involves the buying, storing, and possibly the reselling of anime Collectibles. Although numerous professional anime collectors, particularly those looking to make a profit, tend to place their concentrate on collectable figures and figurines, there are quite a few much more items that will be put into an anime collection, like

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The History and Craftsmanship of the Thumb Piano

An African instrument, the Thumb Piano is very similar to the Kalimba. A couple of other terms are the Mbria or Likembe. They all look quite similar to one another but quite naturally they have a variance in the sounds each instrument makes. These instruments have been around for thousands of years. Originally the keys were made of bamboo and over time the keys were replaced with medal keys. In the early 1900's the thumb piano was give the name Kalimba.
It was thought in ancient times the thumb piano (Mbira, Kalimba) was to project its sound into heaven and was even considered to draw down spirits to the earth. Some of them were violent spirits in which the music would stop until the spirits had departed from the area. Now lets look at the craftsmanship of the piano.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Make Money With Your Music In Films

Licensing your music into films is a great extra income stream for you as an independent artist. But, as with any other aspect of the music business, you have to go through the learning curve and networking process. My experience with film licensing, just like everything else, revolves around whom you know.

An Interview With Drummer Mykill Mike Aresco

Tribute bands usually play the music of a certain to get people through the door to see the bands OWN songs thrown in between the artist of tribute. Since December 2004, I have been watching one band in particular, a Slayer tribute act. Not once, has this band added their own music to their set list. NOT ONCE. When a fan of a band (particularly Slayer) is out on the town checking out live entertainment, they what to see what they are paying for, a tribute. Not a little of this and a little of that. So, do they have their own songs?

Top 5 Songs To Play At A Funeral

Hi everyone. With this article, I am going list my top 5 songs that should be played at a funeral. Many people often ask me for advice when it comes to funerals, and there are hundreds of songs that can be played at a funeral. Often, it is best to choose what you feel your loved one would have liked to hear. However, there are some songs that are really beautiful that fit the mood perfectly. With that, here is my list of the top 5 funeral songs.

Making Beats Online - Software Program Considerations

Anybody who has access to an internet connection can generate beats online for a small portion of the price that it cost a few years back. You would have had to part with thousands of dollars for costly equipment and even then, the beats that were produced weren’t particularly amazing.

Currently however, there are beat maker packages readily available to anyone and everyone who want to develop amazing beats for less than $150. The software program is very easy to grasp and also very effective, letting you to conceive spectacular instrumentals in just a few hours from getting the software.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Youtube Phenomenon

If you browse the web, you'll come across many websites that has one or more video clips embedded in it. News websites such as BBC and CNN fall in this category. But, what about a website that has only video clips and nothing else? This is exactly what the Youtube Phenomenon is all about. To those who have not heard about Youtube, it is a video sharing website where one could upload, share, and watch video clips - Youtube videos - for free. It is owned by Google. 

Here is a bit history of what all went behind in the making of Little had the three former PayPal employees - Chad Hurley,

Urban Movies Continue To Rise

Urban movies continue to grow in popularity. This can be seen in the exploding direct to video market where urban movies reign supreme. The rising quality of independent urban movies has made them much more attractive to DVD consumers.

Some talented film directors behind this urban movement are Charles Dutton, Damon Dash, Sid Kali, Hype Williams, John Singleton, Dale Stelly, Mike O'Dea and Quentin Tarantino.

The diversity of the urban genre continues to grow because the storylines are connecting with a larger audience by going beyond what you would expect to see in an urban movie. Filmmakers are pushing the complexity and overall look of the urban genre to new levels. 

What You Need to Know About Canadian Music and Musicians

Sadly, most of us here in the U.S. are blissfully unaware of performers that don't hail from one of the 50 states. Ask the average Joe on the street if they know of any Canadian musicians, and if you get any response, you'll hear Celine Dion or Shania Twain, maybe even Bryan Adams or Neil Young. While these are certainly talented musicians in their own right, they certainly do not represent the breadth and depth of the Canadian music scene. Some of the ignorance is due to the cultural similarities between ourselves and our neighbors to the North.
Pop/punk sensation Avril Lavigne is so popular with the tweener set here in the U.S. precisely because she looks and sounds like she could have stepped off of any high school campus in middle America. But aside from such superstars as Alanis Morrisette and Rush who have transcended any national boundaries and become truly international, Canadian musicians have plenty to offer the world in terms of exciting and fresh music. I would like to offer a few suggestions in various categories, and perhaps with a casual listen, you'll discover like I did that the Great White North has more to offer than a few tasty brews.

You Too Can Start an Independent Record Label

It's no big secret, the trick of how to start a record label definitely involves some cash and most definitely involves some talent. If you want to know the secret to how to start and run your own label then here it is, talent. You have to have something to sell your business pitch with. It doesn't matter what your particular genre is, you need to get out there and discover your first million. Yep, I am talking about dollars. 

If you are just sitting around trying to figure out how to start you own independent record label then you are wasting your time. Get out there and try to find "the" band or "the" person that is worthy of a record deal. Go to clubs, rummage through MySpace, hang out at bars with live music, there is talent all around you so find it. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

House season 7 Episode 10 Your One-Stop-Shop to Incessant Entertainment

Why people are tempted to watch House season 7 episode 10 online. As i guess this house s07e10 entitled ‘Carrot or Stick’, where house team faces a challenging task of associating the symptoms of a military recruit with his drill sergeant and storyline will share its own set of joys and sorrows with us. so people are queuing up to catch House season 7 episode 10 download as soon as it releases.
House is one of the brillian

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Learn Guitar Scales to Play Amazing Dorian Guitar Solos

To understand the Dorian mode it is essential that the major scale or Ionian mode is first understood. The Dorian mode is derived from the major scale by simply starting on the second note of the major scale. By making the second note now the root note, and keeping the same interval structure, we create a completely different set of sounding notes known as the Dorian mode. As you learn guitar scales you will find this mode particularly useful for soloing.
Let’s compare the intervals of the Dorian mode with that of the major scale. So if both have the same root note - we notice that they contain the same intervals, however the Dorian mode has its third dropped a semitone creating a minor third and the seventh is also dropped a semitone. This difference in two notes will make the two sound very different.
As you learn guitar scales and modes you will come across the commonly used natural minor scale. The Dorian mode is very similar to the natural minor scale, with one important difference. The Dorian mode has a major sixth interval – the same as the major scale -compared to the flattened sixth of the natural minor scale. This one difference makes the Dorian mode much brighter and happier sounding compared with the natural minor scale.
The Dorian mode is often said to have a “bluesy” sound when played on the guitar. When you learn guitar scales for the first time, no doubt you will encounter the minor pentatonic scale or the blues scale. If we add a major second and a major sixth to the minor pentatonic scale we create the Dorian mode. These two notes will add more flavour and diversity to your guitar solos, whilst maintaining the “bluesy” undertones from the common pentatonic notes.
The Dorian mode can be applied to many different styles of music. In rock music, as an example, Eric Clapton uses this mode in the classic “Cocaine”, and Carlos Santana uses this mode often to solo with. There are many examples in popular music as well as jazz using this mode. As you progress with lead guitar and learn guitar scales, you will start to hear the different intervals and identify the modes in various songs.

The Dorian mode can be played over minor chords or seventh chords. Seventh chords tend to sound good because four out of the seven notes are common, making it hard to hit a “bad” note.
As you learn guitar scales and modes, keep an eye out for the Dorian mode. Using this mode will take your pentatonic solos up a level giving them a more diverse and colourful sound. You will be truly amazed at what the addition of just two notes to the minor pentatonic scale can really do for your guitar solos.
Play your very own great sounding guitar solos in the next 7 days and truly amaze your friends and family! (Even if you are new to lead guitar) Click here - Learn Guitar Scales to receive a FREE soloing guide not available anywhere else. This E Book will help you master Pentatonic Guitar Scales in no time at all, using the same techniques as professional guitar players use. Click the blue link for your FREE guide now.

Gear for forward Professionals

The Numark DJ, experience. From elementary tools to the by much advanced gear for forward professionals, Numark DJ, equipment is designed and engineered to standpoint up to the rigors of this coincidence. Numark DJ, delivers the strikingly untouched calling of tackle available, including the world's highest-torque turntable motor further the world's CD players to certify simultaneous control of knotty effects further MIDI. The sound of Numark DJ, has been around fix scratches, breaks, and beats for more than 40 years. Numark gets it. Get Numark DJ, today! 

Watch Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Online

Watch Justin Bieber:Never Say Never movie had turned out to be an exhilarating and exciting joyride in a number of ways for with a fine fusion of music into biographic elements this had turned out to be an awesome and enticing motion picture. What had contributed to make the wide screen come alive with a vivid touch with Justin Bieber:Never Say Never movie had been the fact that this had been filled with all the highly sought after features. So the entire running time of movie had been packed with enthralling and enticing features which had made viewers to stay transfixed on wide screen. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Guitar Tuning And How To Tune A Guitar

he guitar standard tuning is as follows:

STRING - 6th String (bottom, bass, low) NOTE - E
5th String - A
4th String - D
3rd String - G
2nd String - B
1st String (top, treble, high) - E

Tips For Any Guitar Tuning Method

Acoustic Guitar Lesson - Useful Tips For The Beginner

Are you just embarking on your journey to learn to play acoustic guitar? Great job! You are well on your way to something fantastic - taking acoustic guitar lessons, and being able to play the guitar is a wonderful thing. In this article I have a handful of tips, that could very well enable you to make some good decisions.

Get Your Favorite Show Collection From Old Time Radio

OTR means Old Time Radio. This radio is having a collection of all the shows between the mid 1920's to 1960. This includes all genres of amazing recordings those are frequently performed by the top name performers. Some of the shows were lost because hose were never recorded and some of the existing episodes are still in circulation, which were stored by the sponsors or fans. Nowadays these recordings are digitally converted from their original media & stored in to MP3 format. This Mp3 format is easier for collecting,

The Trouble With Coupons

(Before I begin, it occurs to me that the title of this post might also make a very fun book or short story title.  Doesn’t it sound like a story about a bargain hunter with a serious chick lit problem? Hmm … I’ll have to noodle on that for a while.)
On to my real thoughts about coupons–specifically those from Family Christian Stores.

Why the iiNet case scares me and why movie and music publishers need to evolve to survive

It scares me because iiNet have done nothing wrong, despite claims by the AFACT that they “allowed distribution of copyrighted material”. iiNet cannot, by law, monitor what it’s users do with their connections without a court order. The AFACT seem to be assuming that because they believe a user is downloading movies or music via bittorrent, iiNet should know too. After all, they are the ones providing the internet connection. However, conclusive proof needs to be given, and unless iiNet monitors its user’s connections,

How Learning Music Can Help With Acting

Learning music can multiply your abilities as an actor. Here are two examples from two A-listers of how they have used music in their career. Followed by showing the technique of being good a music and acting are the same.
Johnny Depp Story
The first career that Johnny Depp wanted to have was to be a musician. Actually, to this day, whenever he can have a guitar around he’ll bring it. Depp states that he uses his approach to music to help him in the craft of acting. He approaches a character just like he approaches learning a song. How this works is the following. In order to learn a song, you have to observe and listen to very carefully over and over again.

How Does Music Influence Our Daily Life?

We are all aware that music and "atmosphere" go together. We might put on relaxing music for a quiet romantic dinner, but listen to something livelier while doing some physical work or exercise or when out socializing in larger groups. You might have heard of farmers who increase production by playing music to their animals
. Recent studies showing that listening to fast music while driving increases the rate of car accidents and the Mozart Effect claims to increase intelligence.

Blu Ray Movie Store For You

Blu ray is the modern buzzword. Fast surpassing the popularity of DVDs, this new format has taken everything by storm. Catering to this growing need are numerous retailers, both online and offline, who are selling Blu ray movies.