Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to Hit High Notes Singing Effortlessly

In this article I am going to discuss how to hit high notes singing effortlessly.
When I was a younger singer high notes were anything but effortless. They were hard work! The problem that I had was pulling my heavy chest voice up as high as I could.
Maybe you have had the experience of singing higher and suddenly your voice breaks!?? I know how frustrating and embarrassing that can be.

One of the reasons that singing high notes can be a lot of hard work is a lack of head voice. Head voice is the highest part of your natural vocal range. Do the following exercise.:
Experiment: Imitate the sound Homer Simpson makes when he gets excited "Woo Hooooo". Try that sound at your highest possible pitch. That's head voice.
You might be thinking that sound isn't really what I'm after for my top notes. That's a bit too hooty and pure.
Here's the thing. The powerful high notes and impressive screams that you are struggling with all stem from a pure head voice first.
You can modify that pure sound by adding more edge, nasality and throat resonance. You can add edge by using vocal fry at the start of a note. Experiment with different mositions to create interesting sounds.
The best advice I can give you regarding high notes is to experiment and have fun with them. Start soft and pure to coordinate your voice and then add more air, edge and resonance until you develop the sound you want.
Ian Castle is a vocal coach and professional singer from Australia. You can learn more about singing in head voice HERE.
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