Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10 Ways to Improve Your Home by James Brack

Saturday night TV is back and X Factor is once again gripping the nation. So what's the most enjoyable part of the show? Is it the singing? Is it the foul mouthed judges (no names mentioned)? Is it the humiliation of the singers when they hit a bum note? No, for me it is checking out the new styles of the judges, the clothes, the hair, the makeup. Now that is real Saturday night TV!
So, let's take Dannii Minogue for example. We can all admit that over the years she has been on X Factor she has sometimes got it very, very wrong. However, at the moment she really has hit the ground running. Her new hair cut is incredible on a number of levels. Her sassy bob makes her look fantastic for her age, and let's be honest she isn't getting any younger. She is an inspiration to women who have shorter hair, and she appears to have finally picked a grown up look that really accentuates her features and says "hey, I might be older than you, but I've still got what it takes."

So, the question that is on all of our lips is "what does Cheryl make of this?". Last year she was the outright winner of the X Factor style battle, but this year Dannii is definitely holding her own. In fact, sources are saying that Cheryl is quite taken a-back, and has already consulted her stylist to come up with a fresher, more modern style.
So, how do you go about getting Dannii's new look? If you have a fringe, you can try Dannii's look and it will instantly update your features and give you that Saturday night glam feel.
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