Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mp3 - A Revolution in the World of Music

There is no denying that the advent of this format of music has changed the whole way we used to enjoy our music. It has its advantages and disadvantages:


* The biggest advantage is that it is a simple and now common way of encoding musical files to such a format that it can be read by your computer and other devices like your iPod.
* It compresses your files in order to take up minimum space. A much larger amount than what can be stored on a traditional CD can be stored in this format, normally 10 times the traditional amount.
* It has made it so much easier to share music between friends; when there is physical exchange of CDs you can share a much larger volume than you earlier used to and also electronically send it over the net.
* Create your own CDs that have just the music and songs you like.
* It has opened an avenue for people with talent to record and publish their own music without the numerous costs involved in the physical world.
* It has made it easier for artists and record companies to communicate by uploading sample music in Mp3 format.
* You can mix and edit make a new music altogether for your enjoyment.


* The most common talked about flaw is that quality of the music suffers during compression, however not too much. During compression the computer must omit some parts of the sound; however these are not audible to human ear. A high compression ratio Mp3 will be easily recognized by a discerning ear as it will higher data loss so the lesser the ratio the better the sound quality.
* Its compatibility has made it easy for some illegal activity like hacking and unauthorized downloads.

This format is here to stay till devices like iPods come up with newer ideas of storage where a large amount of data can be stored without compression.

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