Thursday, February 10, 2011

Steinway Piano Prices - How Much Is a Steinway Grand Piano Worth?

When researching Steinway piano prices it's important to remember that three elements: condition, age and model/design will be the paramount factors of determining the worth. The condition often will be variable with a certain age depending on where the piano was used. A conservatory or school piano will age rapidly, even pianos less than a year old may have hundreds of playing hours, lessening their overall lifespan dramatically. Buying a piano from the currently popular university sale frequently sponsored by Kawai and Yamaha piano dealers may not be the best decision when you consider this important fact.

Selecting a good piano brand its important to remember because buying a piano is a lifetime investment. Pianos built in the late 19th century and early 20th century before World War II will command some of the highest long-term market values, even over new models of the same brand and comparable to other recently introduced brands. Top value comes from pianos that have been recently restored and that are in like new condition. A piano will be worth considerably less if not fully refurbished and refinished. Investing in high quality piano restoration work is in many cases the best investment over buying a new piano.
The model and design is also and important factor in relation to the value of older American pianos. Steinway & Sons are still being built using same models numbers and overall similar plate and case design. Many other American branded piano are manufactured entirely today using entirely different Asian factory designs. Some of the most popular brands currently manufacture their pianos in China using old American brand names include Remington, Hazelton, George Steck, H.M. Cable and D.H. Baldwin.
If your considering having your vintage Steinway or other quality American piano restored regardless of brand, the most important starting point is finding a qualified piano restorer. While there are several firms offering this service, finding the right piano restoration company that does high quality work at reasonable prices is paramount. While restoring your piano involves patience and diligence on the owner's part, the finished product will be a priceless showpiece, a finely manufactured piano restored to its former glory.

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